ADC under windows ? drivers - when available ?????

Martin MayrMartin Mayr New Member Posts: 54

as allready others remarked a piece of hardware with lots of functionality is nothing worth without the corresponding drivers for the system... Since we use the board under Windows 10, There are most of the drivers required for the hardware not available I2C, SPI, ADC, .... when will these drivers be available and same question still open for CSI and DSI ... ????

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  • JackJack AAEON Posts: 16 mod
    Currently, we only got ready for I2C and DIO, you can download the sample codes from below FTP.
    ftp://ae:[email protected]
    File name:I2C.rar and Dio.rar
  • Martin MayrMartin Mayr New Member Posts: 54
    Thanks for this info ... do you have a schedule or planning information about the ADC implementation ?

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  • Robert AlexanderRobert Alexander New Member Posts: 15

    Agreed, would be nice to have access to ADC for ambient light detection or something.

  • Martin MayrMartin Mayr New Member Posts: 54

    any news for the ADC access ???

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