Connecting WiFi antenna

Philip Luyckx
Philip Luyckx New Member Posts: 1

I received my UpSquared board yesterday and I succeeded to install Ubuntu on it. At this moment I am creating a bridge between my wireless and ethernet connection. I use hostapd to create an access point. However I have some problems with the WiFi connection when a client connects to it. First it works, but after a minute or so the connection is lost due to inactivity (while I am downloading something...) and the client cannot reconnect. I want to verify that I connected the antenna correctly.

I received one antenna with the Intel 3165NGW card, but there are two connections on it. Does it matter to which one I connect it? There isn't a lot of information about it, or I am using some wrong keywords in Google. At this moment I connected it to the AUX connection and the MAIN is unconnected. I am thinking to just test it and swap the antenna, but at this moment I do not have time, so I thought lets first ask it. If it doesn't matter, or I connected it correctly I can save the trouble to power down everything and open the case...


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