Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Chip set driver installation failed

Weihai Fu
Weihai Fu New Member Posts: 3
I had two UP boards with 2G memory and 32G eMMC. After Windows 10 IoT enterprise installation, one of the boards failed on the following chip set driver installation. Attached are the screen shot to show the installation failure and the log file which shows why it failed. The error seems due to the MBI.inf file with error code 2 which can be seen at the end of the log file. Below is the excerpt from the log file.

14:12:39:003: Setup mode
14:12:39:019: Showing dialog: PROGRESS
14:12:39:128: Read registry subkey Code and value 2
14:12:39:144: Read registry subkey Reboot and value 0
14:12:39:159: E Unable to pre-install driver file : C:\Users\OptiDist II\Tilt\win10_64_20160307\Win10_64\20160307\Step1-
ChipsetAndPeripherals\Drivers\MBI\MBI.inf - error code : 2

14:12:39:175: E Uninstalling drivers that were previously pre-installed by DriverPackagePreInstall...
14:12:39:206: E Setup aborted!
14:12:39:222: m_nCurrentIndex : 4
14:12:39:269: Showing dialog: FINISH

Can some one help to provide input on how to fix the problem? I do not think there is any hardware damage occurred during the software installation process unless the board itself came with flaws that slipped the inspection.
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