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Upboard fan control

I have the fan heatsink, i want to use the up-board for a NAS drive and since it has a fan I am worried about 24 7 operation and damaging the fan. Is there a way to controll the fan switching on and off based on cpu temps?


  • AlingAling Posts: 496Administrator, AAEON admin
    The fan is always on, because we can not find such a small fan with 3 pin ( power, ground, PWM).
  • Sahaj SarupSahaj Sarup Posts: 21New Member
    what about simple on off via gpio
  • AlingAling Posts: 496Administrator, AAEON admin
    After checking with our engineer, here is some feedback.
    We use the GPIO pin to control the FAN VCC ON or OFF , , when boot up this pin is high level , when power down this pin is low level .
  • Michael MillerMichael Miller Posts: 93New Member
    on the block diagram it says the fan connector is connected to a PWM. I know you can't get RPM feedback from the fan with a 2 wire fan, but can you not control the duty cycle via that PWM?
  • AlingAling Posts: 496Administrator, AAEON admin
    Here we got some reply from the engineer.
    We can’t read the FAN RPM .
    Current design is use a GPIO to simulate like PWM signal control the FAN VCC
  • HugoHugo Posts: 7New Member
    Is there a way to control pin 11 on CN34 through software or is it bound to the board's power state?
  • AlingAling Posts: 496Administrator, AAEON admin
    As far as our investigation, it is up to the power state. You can not control it from SW.
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