UP Squared plastic case

MartinMartin New Member Posts: 11
today I received plastic case for my UP Squared. Now my UP2 looks good finally. :)
I had to little improvise to get my SATA cable outside of case to connect HDD.

When putting together case and UP I run into a problem. When stand-off screws was too tight (tighten by hand) UP2 didn't start. LED light next to power button didn't light. Then I loosened up the screws a little and suddenly it started ok.



  • Duane GoodmanDuane Goodman New Member Posts: 33
    Looks good, looking forward to getting mine in August. :)
  • FabrizioFabrizio AAEON Posts: 123 mod
    Dear all,

    we suggest no mount it without using an electric screwdriver.
    If you use it, please consider that interval of torque should be between 2.1Nm to 2.5 Nm but not more.
    Excessive power can damage the board.

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