HDMI not working with monitor switch

Robert Shelton
Robert Shelton New Member Posts: 110
I have used a Kinivo 501BN HDMI switch to share a single monitor with multiple computers (iMac, Mac Air, HP laptop, a few non-Up SBCs) for a year or so. The Kinivo handles 1080 and works reliably, although some machines (esp iMac) take longer than others to activate the second display. I added my Up2. It does not work. Changed cables, including just pulling a cable from one of the working computes and plugging that into the Up2. The monitor just displays a "no signal" message when I switch to the Up2's port, and times out / goes to sleep after a bit. The Up2 works fine when attached directly to the same monitor.

OS is Win10. I have read web reports of HDMI problems with Win10. Checked my drivers and update status - all current as of right now. I've been connecting directly to the monitor, and HDMI has worked flawlessly. I've even used a USB 3.0 display as a secondary monitor, and both work as they should.

Has anyone had a similar problem using a HDMI switch with Up2 (or Up-board, for that matter)? I'd also be interested to know if any Up2 Linux users have successfully used an HDMI switch. I am guessing this isn't a hardware issue... would be of interest to rule that out.