Up board does not turn on - At all


I bought an Intel Robotics Development Kit, which comes with an Upboard. It comes with an heat sink and a fan pre-installed. When I got the module, I was able to turn it on, simply by plugging in the power cable. I was able to install Ubuntu on it, and other software as instructed by their installation guide. Awesome!!!

When I was turning it off, I noticed that there was a power button. So I held the power button down for a few seconds and everything turned off, even the FAN. I didn't have to take the power-cable out to shut it down completely, and stop the FAN for spinning continuously. I left it in that "good" state for a couple of weeks (turned-off, power-cable plugged in, no FAN spinning, system-shutdown).

When I returned to it brimming with joy and excitement, I pressed the power button (also known as SW1) for a few seconds (long enough time) nothing happened this time. I mean - no fan spinning, no LEDs, no nothing. Just looked lifeless and dead.

I have tried so many things to already to get it to start and looked everywhere for a similar situation but couldn't find any information. It seems like these things never just stay dead - at least it attempts to boot, lights some LED, something, never lifeless like this.

What have I done here, it is bricked? What are the potential reasons for it being bricked - it can't be that I've hit the self-destruct button? Looking for some help in reviving this bad boy. I've add so many things planned for this board and would hate to have to throw down another $100 or so to replace this. Are there repair options?

Please help, I am a big big fan of this board and want to promote through projects and DIY blogs as much as I can.



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