How can I use CAN-Bus?

lujunn723 New Member Posts: 4
I got UP-Board for a few days and I run ROS on it.
I need CAN-Bus supply to connect to my own boards, but I didn't find CAN device when I type "ls /dev".
Then, I used a MCP2515 module via SPI and I can TX right, but RX is not 8 bytes but 30 bytes...
I also tried to do some "make menuconfig" jobs, but I didn't find any way to do this.
Please help me with these CAN-Bus things, Thank you very much!


  • Dan O'Donovan
    Dan O'Donovan Administrator, Moderator, Emutex Posts: 241 admin
    Are you asking about a native CAN-Bus interface on the UP board? Unfortunately the UP Board does not provide a native CAN-Bus interface.

    Adding an external CAN adapter, via SPI/UART/USB (as you are doing with the MCP2515), would be the best solution. I haven't tested any CAN adapters with the UP board myself, however, so I cannot give any specific advice on those. But it should certainly be possible to find some CAN adapters that would work with the UP board.
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