Intel 7265 IEEE 802.11ac Bluetooth 4.0 with Windows 10

Robert Shelton
Robert Shelton New Member Posts: 110
I have installed the Intel 7265 IEEE 802.11ac Bluetooth 4.0 - Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Combo Adapter M.2 2230, 1216 on my Up2. WiFi worked immediately. Good, stable 5Ghz signal. Bluetooth is giving me a Device cannot start - code 10 error. I already have a BT4 dongle configured for my keyboard and mouse. Am attempting to switch from dongle to the M.2. Has anyone successfully used this M.2 card with Win10 or Linux on the Up2? Does anyone know if there are problems with running more than one BT4 device - in Win10, Linux or on the U2? I don't have USB key/mouse devices handy, so am hoping that someone has insight into this.