Successfully installed Ubuntu 17.04

Mialaret New Member Posts: 33
I sucessfully installed Ubuntu 17.04 on the Up Square.

Note that it is only for use as a desktop computer, as we need drivers / kernel from Emutex/Aaeon to be able to use the 40 pin I/O and the FPGA, none of which are available at the present time.

I set the system so that Ubuntu & Windows 10 are 100 % independent:

- Windows 10 has been installed on an mSata SSD (Samsung Evo 850 mSata).

- An image of Ubuntu Desktop 17.04 iso file has been downloaded from Canonical and copied on an USB drive with Rufus.

- Up Square is booted to this USB drive

- Within Ubuntu Setup, I chose the last option of the ubiquity installer, 'Something else'

I created a 256 MB UEFI partifion on the eMMC drive, as well as a standard ext4 partition with '/' mountpoint for the Ubuntu. I did not create a swap partition since 17.04 can use a swap file.

- I installed the bootloarder on the UEFI partition and the rest of Ubuntu of the standard partition.

- The bootloader automatically detects Windows on the hard drive and adds it to the boot menu.

The advantage of such a setup is that I can reformat the eMMC and windows will continue to work just fine, at the most I'll have to change the boot drive in the UEFI.
Converserly, I could reformat the SSD and Ubuntu would still work fine.
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