Ubuntu install with USB SATA disks

Ron Garcia-Vidal
Ron Garcia-Vidal New Member Posts: 1
I just got my first UP board. Also, I'm new to UEFI, I've pretty much always worked with MBR/BIOS boots.

I am replacing an existing Debian Jessie server with the the UP and a 2-disk USB enclosure that I will use to make a software RAID1. My initial hope was to just drop the disks from the existing server into the enclosure and be able to boot up and go. This did not work. Not a huge deal, moving to a new install only involves data copy and a few config files to copy.

So I downloaded Ubuntu server. The installer booted fine and I wentr through the process creating a full-disk RAID1 and throwing LVM on top of that. SInce it seems UEFI needs a non-RAID partition to boot from, I used the onboard device, creating a 500M GPT partition on mmcblk, formatting it vfat and setting the bios_grub flag and forcing EFI on the install.

The installer completed successfully, but when I reboot I get the EFI command line. If I hit f7, the USB enclosure does not show up as an option.

What have I done wrong and how do I fix this?
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