What I've sucessfully tested so far on the Up Square with Windows 10 Pro

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- Microsoft all in one media keyboard: auto install, available driver to download
- TP-Link TL-WN725N, USB N WiFi dongle, auto install
- Roland Quad-Capture USB Audio Interface, auto insta
- Samsung EVO 250 GB SSD mSata (Configure mini PCIe as mSATA in BIOS). Neither SSD nor Up Square came with fixing screw. I had a very hard time finding one of the right size. I would recommend that Emutex/Aaeon includes the 2 screws with the Up Square.
- Intel 7260 AC Wireless + Bluethooth 4 mini PCIe card
- Did not work: Intel 8265 AC Wireless + Bluetooh mini PCIe card
- Iiyama X4071UHSU 40" 4K monitor, both with Displayport @4K 60 Hz & HDMI 30 Hz. (too lazy to switch port for HDMI 4K 60 Hz testing)

In 4K@60Hz, the monitor seems to have a tendency to go blank for a second or more, much more often that I would like. As a comparison, this happens perhaps once a day on my normal computer.
More testing time is needed to get an idea of how often it happens on the up2.

I should receive an SSD and an MSata WiFi + Bluetooth 4.2 cards, I'll add them to the test.

- Windows 10 Pro latest update
- Microsoft Edge: YouTube 4K vp9 streaming without problem & 0 dropped frames
- Microsoft Edge: YouTube 4K 60 Hz vp9 streaming without problem & 2 dropped frames
- Microsoft Office 365/2016
- Reaper. Tested with a 17 tracks of 96K/24 bits project in Reaper (Reaper's mixing contest, june 2017) with QuadCapture in ASIO mode.No clicks no pops.

Hope this helps.


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