It arrived! But install probs :(

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My UP² arrived! Yeah!

But of course without power supply :(
I hoped they would make it an option for the kickstarters this time but well...

First I tried to USB-start standard UBUNTU desktop from an existing stick. I downloaded it 2-3 weeks ago so I guess it is the current version the UP² was tested with.

The screen with the UBUNTU was there, the points going on/off for a while - but when it should go to desktop the UP crashed.
Same when trying to install.
(It worked on a different machine, so it is not the image itself.)

Is there a difference between the "normal" UBUNTU and the one linked on the UP website??
Can it be that the 3A power supply I have is not powering enough? My power meter showed 13W maximum though.


  • DCleri
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    Hi LennStar,

    What version of UP^2 have you received?

    The board has been tested with 5V6A. Any PSU which provides less than 4A should not be used with any of the variants. If you have the Pentium N4200 version, it is highly recommended to use a 6A.
    As far as I remember the kickstarter pledge there was an option which included the PSU.

    You can find the on the UP-Shop:
    Some users also pointed out a PSU from Amazon:

    We have tested the system with Ubuntu 16.04 (4.8 kernel and 4.11 mainline kernel), but we will release an Ubuntu specific Kernel later in June to enable the 40pin header.

    We are going to release an updated ubilinux this week, based on Debian Stretch RC3.
    The image will include a UP^2 customised kernel based on Debian 4.9 Kernel.
  • LennStar
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    I tried it with Win10 install - and there the Watt jumped to 16W from time to time so I guess it was the energy. (Yes, the big N4200).

    I just ordered the power and USB dongle for WLAN.

    Kickstarter only had packages, including lots of stuff I don't need. I only need a single HDMI cable for example and still have 9 left from my 10 UPs where each came with a cable ;)
  • DCleri
    DCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 1,213 admin
    thanks for your feedback, we will consider it for future campaigns!
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