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My UP Squared has arrived - and thanks

Andy NicholsonAndy Nicholson New Member Posts: 61
edited December 2017 in Unboxing & Project Sharing
Just a quick note to say my UP2 has arrived :)

And also to say thank you to the whole UP team, I had some serious concerns after the delivery troubles of the first board and was in two minds to support the kickstarter a second time, but I am happy to be proved wrong. Looking forward to getting stuck in with it!


  • DCleriDCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 592 admin
    Hi smadger,

    Thanks for your renewed support for UP projects!

    Let us know if you may have any feedback or question that could help to improve this and our future products.

  • Thomas DodoThomas Dodo New Member Posts: 2
    Mine arrived yesterday. Installed ArchLinux, Kodi, Pihole, Sa samba server and some other stuff. Works fine so far.

  • FabrizioFabrizio AAEON Posts: 123 mod
    Thanks to support us !
    We hope you will enjoy the board
  • Michael MillerMichael Miller New Member Posts: 93
    Got mine yesterday, but don't have a power supply yet so I ordered one from amazon. This one should work, right?
  • AlingAling Administrator, AAEON, UP reseller Posts: 522 admin
    From the spec, it should work.
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