Upgrading the UEFI BIOS failed

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I just received my up board and I decided to do an upgrae of UEFI bios.
I used the latest version available in download (upc1bm0x_efi).
I used the go_64 script, no particular error view.
After 'reset' the card UEFI boot target desapeared.
I be able to boot on usb and install Ubuntu.

Could be help me to restore UEFI boot target ?


  • DCleri
    DCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 1,213 admin
    Hi fabricedupre,

    Unfortunately the new BIOS does not include the EFI shell so you won't be able to set a UEFI boot target.
    The EFI shell has been removed to make space for an important feature added to upc1bm0x BIOS, the PXE Boot.

    The EFI shell is now provided with the BIOS package, so you can boot from USB and use the EFI shell from there.
  • fabricedupre
    fabricedupre New Member Posts: 3
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    Since the update of the bios, under ubuntu I systematically start with a qwerty keyboard.
    Another card that has not been upgraded does not have this problem.
    How to reinstall the old firmware?
  • Hugo
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    Maybe installing the EFI Shell from Intel could help?
  • fabricedupre
    fabricedupre New Member Posts: 3

    How to rollback to 06.04.2016 bios ?

    Tkanks you in advance,
    Best regards.
  • Dinty2000
    Dinty2000 New Member Posts: 2

    I am still having issues with getting any memory still to get recognized in BIOS. The bios upgrade files were recognized on the stick, but the upgrade failed.

    I read another post about switching sticks to get them recognized. The device would not recognize the Windows 10 OEM stick, so I cloned to the stick the device attempted to upgrade from, but it won't recognize that either.

    Been trying this off and on for a couple months, kinda at a loss.

    UPBOARD 4/64

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