hung at bios screen showing 4 "BLK1-BLK4" list, 4 has a bootable linux wheezy it

Maurice Heskett
Maurice Heskett New Member Posts: 2
Screen also has 2 boxes outlined at the upper right corner, not mouse accessible for 15 minutes as mouse pointer disappears when moved to the right. Boxes contain words "SETUP" and "BBS". Left clicking on either has no effect.

Left click on the blank screen brings up a video keyboard, who's keys depress when left clicked on, but do nothing else. No known way to close the keyboard except yet another power down reset.

When it does show the devices it has discovered then it gives me a shell: prompt, but anything I type is an error.

So, whats next?


  • timcp
    timcp New Member Posts: 1

    I have just received a brand new UP 2GB board with cooler. I have created 2 separate bootable USB drives. I get the same error as Maurice Heskett. The shell does not show any 'fs' file systems, only blk in the list. The BIOS does not recognize any filesystems, not the eMMC or either of the USB drives.
    Does anyone here know how to get the manufacturers to reply?

  • ccalde
    ccalde New Member Posts: 348 ✭✭✭

    Hi @timcp ,

    Which BIOS version are you using there?
    Can you see your DDR3 in Chipset - North Bridge, in the BIOS menu??

    Also, did you try to flash an Ubuntu/Ubilinux in your USB and check the boot options?


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