[SOLVED] Vanilla kernel patches

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Dear UP team, two days ago I finally received my UP board and I was able to port our company embedded Linux distribution on it. The embedded distro is derived from a centos 6.7 64bit running a patched kernel (4.5.5) in order to have HDMI audio besides other features we added to the kernel. Sometimes the board hangs, I suppose it is connected to the accelerated video output since we are using intelVA to accelerate h264 decompression. It is strange that an ORBSMart player based on the same cpu doesn't hangs. Maybe it is connected to some bios settings.
Apart these hangs the board is working fine, and demonstrates to have enough cpu power to play multiple HD video streams.
What we need now is being able to drive GPIO using our distro and not ubilinux. Could you provide us some info on kernel configuration or patches to the vanilla kernel in order to be able to drive GPIO?
Thanks a lot and keep on with your good work!
Best regards, Andrea


  • Javier Arteaga
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    Hi Andrea,

    Thanks for sharing your experience! The hangs may indeed be related to a known SoC issue (see https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=109051 for details). If this is the bug you're hitting, it should be possible for you to avoid hangs entirely by setting the kernel parameter [tt]intel_idle.max_cstate=1[/tt]. This disables all CPU C-state switching, which entails increased power usage. In a default install of ubilinux, we pick what we've empirically found to be a compromise between stability and performance by capping only some of the deeper C-states.

    As for the kernel patches, you can always get the current kernel sources by running this command from an up-to-date ubilinux system:
    apt-get source linux-ubilinux
    We'll add more documentation to the wiki in the near future.
  • andrea
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    Solved, finally I found a kernel config that enables UP board GPIO.
  • Til
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    Hey Andrea,
    would you mind publishing the kernel config here (or somewhere else and post the link)?
    That would be a great help!
  • andrea
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    Attached you can find my kernel configuration. I do not compile all the modules but only the modules my embedded system need.
    I hope it will help other UPboard user.