No video on one display, works fine on another...

Mike Kopack
Mike Kopack New Member Posts: 6
Hey gang,

So I have been having an issue using my Up Board. When I hook it up to the Samsung TV in my bedroom directly through HDMI, it works fine. However, if I try attaching to an older Dell FP2007 1600x1200 monitor via an Apple HDMI->DVI adapter, I get no video at all and the monitor eventually goes into power standby mode. All my other small board computers (RasPi of various models, Udoo Quad, Udoo x86, Udoo Nano, Asus Tinkerboard) all work fine with this adapter on that monitor so I'm not sure what the issue is....

I really need to be able to use it on the Dell Monitor via the adapter. I could possibly switch to some other HDMI->DVI cable or adapter, but I don't want to spend the money unless I know it's going to work.

I'm running Ubuntu on the Up... Are there any settings or anything like that I could use to maybe fix this?

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