UART0 on Windows

B&E antecB&E antec New Member Posts: 12
I was planning to use the UP board in greater amount, because I need small PCs with 2 Serial Connections. I was happy to see that the UP board has 2 UARTs. UART1 communication works. However we failed to use UART0. Has any Windows user (win 10 IoT 32 Bit) already used UART0 on CN7 ? Installed any software driver and set BIOS to not use UART0 as debug console. But I do not see COM2 in my system. Really need help.


  • MirkoMirko New Member Posts: 2
    Hello Be.
    I read you could successfully use UART1 (on GPIO strip). I tried to use it with WIN 10 64, not WIN 10 IOT, but with no success, nothing is transmitted. Anyway you just open and used the COM port or installed some driver to enable UART1 pins?
  • B&E antecB&E antec New Member Posts: 12
    I installed the drivers from for WIN10 and it works.
  • kumarkumar New Member Posts: 5
    1. Is this UART listed as SerialPort?
    2. Have you tried any communication with external device.
    3. What is the buffer for sending and receiving the data?

  • B&E antecB&E antec New Member Posts: 12
    edited May 2017
    1. UART 1 it is listed as a SerialPort in the device manager. UART0 is not listed
    2. I had a successful communication with an external RFID device via UART1.
    3. buffer size default
  •  Connor Early Connor Early New Member Posts: 14
    Were you using a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows? Also, could you post a picture of your Device Manager showing the UART1 port? I can't get UART1 working on my UP board either.
  • Jason SchreiberJason Schreiber New Member Posts: 18
    Hey there, did you eventually get UART going in Windows? All I seen is COM1 .... running Win10pro

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