Docker on Ubilinux?

Sonja Brits
Sonja Brits New Member Posts: 2
I am struggling to find distributions for certain packages on Up's Ubilinux, specifically Docker.

When I try to add the repository using add-apt-repository, it keeps saying it cannot find a distribution for ubilinux/woody. Woody support was discontinued in 2006. So if that's the version Up is giving it's very outdated. Although Up says that the Ubilinux is custom for the Upboard, based on Debian Jessie? I'm confused, where does Woody come in?

How do I install Docker on an OS that is recognized as ubilinux/woody?


  • Sonja Brits
    Sonja Brits New Member Posts: 2
    I found the solution.

    I changed the contents of /etc/lsb-release so that it looks as if the OS is Debian Jessie:

    Changed ubilinux to Debian and version 3.0 changed to 8.0.

    Now I can do add-apt-repository without errors
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