Jaap Cammeraat
Jaap Cammeraat New Member Posts: 28
I dreamed about the UPCore last night and due to this I have some splendid ideas.

A few questions came up:

- is there already some kind of Eagle or other design file with the same boarddimensions with holes
- which connector ( partnumber of farnell/mouser/etc) do I need for connecting the 100-pin Dock
- what is the way to connect an UP Core to Ethernet of there will be no WiFi available
- why not drop one DSI lane and place a kind of ethernet


  • Fabrizio
    Fabrizio Guest Posts: 123
    Hi xinfinite,

    Sorry for the super late answers but we are working hard on launch UP Squared production and on UP Core development.

    - drawings are not available yet because we recently made few modifications
    - it's an 100 pin panasonic connector; we will post the part number soon ( we are testing it with a carrier board we have just designed
    - we have designed an ultra compact càrrier board with Gbit Ethernet and mPCIe
    - we think 2 CSI channels are very important in robotics and drones

    All the best and support us in Kickstarter from 1st of June ( we postponed the campaign because of some delays )

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