40-pin HAT I/O header

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I install ubuntu 16.04.4 ($ cat /proc/version) patch with linux-upboard (ref : https://up-community.org/wiki/Ubuntu)

and when I try to access I/O (ref : https://up-community.org/wiki/Pinout)

I have error : "bash : echo erreur d'écriture : Argument invalide"

I see https://up-community.org/forum/announcements/866-up-board-4-4-linux-kernel-for-ubuntu-16-04-and-14-04-is-now-available

but for me I have not gpiochip0, only gpiochip267, gpiochip310, gpiochip357, gpiochip434

Somebody I perhaps tips to solve this problem ?

- Scooby