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Using Up² as a micro file server

One thing I was planning to use an Up² for is a micro file server, i.e. put it in a case together with an SSD and three 2.5 inch hard disks with 4TB each, to get a cached 8TB redundant ZFS file system.

Originally I thought I'd have two problems, but both are gone:

- I've bought a mini pcie board with two SATA ports , which just fits into the slot, but i was afraid that this could be too unfirm, since the Up² has only one mounting hole on the right side, while the board has the SATA ports on the left side, but I was happy to see that the hole has moved to the left on the board I got. I nevertheless would favour for two holes if at all possible.

- I was disappointed about the mSATA port beeing too short for an SSD (needed as a cache). But I just found a half size mSATA SSD, which should fit.

So both problems are gone, all I still need to find is a suitable power supply and some case design (maybe for 3D-Printer) for one UP² and three fat 2.5 inch hard disks.