Unable to install Ubilinux

RiccardoRiccardo New Member Posts: 5
Hi Guys,

I have an Upboard 2GB/32GB and I cannot install Ubilinux on it. During teh installation log I get this errors:

efi: requested map not found.
esrt: ESRT header is not in the memory map.

dw_dmac INTL9C60:00: Missing DT data
dw_dmac INTL9C60:00: Missing DT data
Failed to find cpu0 device mode

i8042: Can't read CTR while initializing i8042
failed to execute '/lib/udev/mtp-probe' 'tmp-probe /sys/devices/pci0000_00/0000:00:14.0/usb/1-3 1 3': No Such file
failed to execute '/lib/udev/mtp-probe' 'tmp-probe /sys/devices/pci0000_00/0000:00:14.0/usb/1-2 1 2': No Such file
failed to execute '/lib/udev/mtp-probe' 'tmp-probe /sys/devices/pci0000_00/0000:00:14.0/usb/1-7.1 1 5': No Such file
failed to execute '/lib/udev/mtp-probe' 'tmp-probe /sys/devices/pci0000_00/0000:00:14.0/usb/1-7.4 1 6': No Such file

[drm:intel_parse_bios [i915]] *ERROR* undefined sequence
[drm:intel_pipe_config_compare [i915]] *ERROR* mismatch in base.adjusted_mode.crtc_clocl (expeceted 71100, found 18229)
[drm:intel_pipe_config_compare [i915]] *ERROR* mismatch in port_clock (expeceted 71100, found 18229)

Failed at step EXEC spawning /bin/playmouth: No such file or directory
[drm:chv_set_memory_dvfs [i915]] *ERROR* timed out waiting for Punit DDR DVFS request

After the full install it reboot and hangs a blue screen with 2 white boxes one in the middle of the screen and one of the top left corner and I need to power off and power on.

Please help because I have similar behaviors with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

I also updated the BIOS but No Way!


  • Nicola LunghiNicola Lunghi Emutex Posts: 131 mod
    Have you resolved your issue?
    Try the new ubilinux 4 installer and see if you see the same problem

    Best Regards
    Nicola Lunghi
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