Audio/gpio patch to other kernel

reczz New Member Posts: 2
Hi All, i runn a1.92ghz 32 emmc 2gb upboard over 3 otg on the bootebal media i want for that moment.

But i run in to problems with audio over hdmi in several distro`s.
Upgraded distro`s and stuff and then flashed it with the kernel like for ubuntu.. and sound works but apps dont with the kernel

Isnt there a way to extract the audio/gpio info to a patch... to add it to other kernels when inmstalled.. not flashing the whole thing, wich focks up everything ?

Fedora/parrot/kali/ and more running here but no audio... okoke a bluetooth usb dongle and speaker solfed it it... but uhm a patch would be nice.. for other kernels

and yes i know fedora isnt debian, so cant use the upboard kernel

Any idea`s ?

love my 30tg female usb 3.0 connected to usb to sata cable connected to ssd <3
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