Cooling with FAN from UP - Connector question

Martin Mayr
Martin Mayr New Member Posts: 54
edited March 2017 in Peripherals

1) I ordered an cooling unit with active cooling (with FAN) together with my UP board and I got a module as show in the image - but I didn't receive any information about where to plug the little white connector ?

Can you please provide this additional information ? Maybe with a little photo showing the FAN being connected ?

2) The board comes allready with cooling (passive) how can I get off the original cooling unit to put the new one - without destroying the board by ripping it off to brutal ? Looks like its double sided glue tape - any precautions required ? Is there a tutorial video on youtube possible to show how to unmount the passive cooling ?

3) The holes on the bottom side of the board (heatsink under the Up board) would be interesting to be known by their positions ... any drawings available ?

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