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RTC-Battery Schematics (Line input resistor)

Hi everyone!

I'm planning to deploy the UP-Board as the embedded-PC inside the product I am currently developing.
So far it has proven to be much more suited for the task, than any other SBC in this price segment: It's so nice to get any 64bit Linux distro running with the same ease as on a regular desktop PC, without any of the hassle I've been through while testing other, ARM based alternatives!

But in order to obtain product safety certification (TÜV) for my final product, I am required to document how the schematic for the RTC battery looks like.
It turns out that the TÜV is quite insisting on verifying any circuit connected to any battery within the product. As far as I understand it, they need to confirm the presence of a certain resistor in series with the battery ("Line input resistor").

Does anyone know where I can get this kind of information or assistance in getting it?


BTW: My application really requires the RTC feature, otherwise I'd just detach the Battery. The integrated RTC module is actually one of the many reasons why I prefer the UP-Board over other alternatives.

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  • robman
    robman New Member Posts: 1

    Hi, is there an option to have more details about RTC BAT circuit?
    series resistor type and specs and what the Net Ports connected to, with a small explanation about the circuit working principles.
    I'm in the process of certification and for sure will have Qs like that.

    Thanks, Rob