Mainline kernel version 4.11-rc2 source was released.

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Feel free to test and play on UP Board.



  • andreaandrea New Member Posts: 6
    HDMI audio seems not to be working.
    On my upboards I get the following kernel errors with no audio output
    [ 237.164769] x86/PAT: reserve_ram_pages_type failed [mem 0x01d00000-0x01d7ffff], track 0x2, req 0x2
    [ 237.164780] hdmi-lpe-audio hdmi-lpe-audio: set_memory_uc failed.Error:-16
    [ 237.282446] x86/PAT: reserve_ram_pages_type failed [mem 0x01d00000-0x01d7ffff], track 0x2, req 0x2
    [ 237.282468] hdmi-lpe-audio hdmi-lpe-audio: set_memory_uc failed.Error:-16
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    Hi, dear aoddera.

    Thanks for testing the kernel.
    On my old CHIMEI HDMI LCD,it had no problem about LPE driver.
    Here is dmesg.

    [ 3.401240] input: Intel HDMI/DP LPE Audio HDMI/DP as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:02.0/hdmi-lpe-audio/sound/card0/input3

    If you provided more info about your LCD, we could look deep inside.
  • andreaandrea New Member Posts: 6
    Dear Mop,
    I connected the up to a Samsung TV, the driver loads without any error but the sounds is choppy.
    Could you please post your a sound.conf? I setup a configuration with the dmix in order to have outup on the HDMI and on a USB audio device. I can configure only hdmi, please provide me your configuration in order to use the same setup. With an old kernel and the same config file everything was ok.
    Thank you, regards, Andrea
  • FernandoFernando New Member Posts: 22
    mop wrote:
    Feel free to test and play on UP Board.


    Hi Mop.

    We have a 32bit UEFI Ubuntu 16.04.2 installed on Up! board. Should this kernel works if we follow the step listed in your link?

  • Bill PerkinsBill Perkins New Member Posts: 3
    I have been running the Fedora 25 Linux distribution on my Up Board for the past six month. I had originally installed Fedora 24 when I first got this Up Board. This SBC has been working just fine with all software installed from the Fedora distribution until the 4.11 kernels became available as RPM packages. None on the kernel version 4.11 installed from RPM will boot. They all fail with a freeze after selecting any 4.11 kernel. If I power off and on, reboot and then select the 4.10.17-200 kernel, it boots just fine. I suspect the problem relates to support issues with the 4.11 kernels for the eMMC, but I do not know that for sure. Anyway, I tried booting from a Fedora version 26-beta USB finger drive, no joy there. The Up Board BIOS could not even see the USB drive. I am sure why not. I booted that finger drive on a HP model 15-f laptop with no problem. That laptop also uses EFI to boot up. Here is the bugzilla report I made:
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