Advanced install?

PatrickPatrick New Member Posts: 1

Is there a way to get some more control over the installation process for the latest ubilinux? I'd like to do a LUKS-encrypted system but I don't see a way to get control over the partition manager during the install process.



  • KenKen New Member Posts: 48
  • KenKen New Member Posts: 48
    The lack of interaction in the install process has lead me down the path of just doing an Ubuntu install, well Kubuntu actually, this allowed me to do a pure shell install through live media, about as advanced as it gets. But now I have root and EFI boot on the EMMC on a zfs pool and /var and /home on a USB SSD (also a zfs pool). has a few snags so far but was able to get the Up kernel working with this so it pretty much has all (or most?) of the functionality. doing an lsmod it looks like pretty much all the same modules are loaded as UbiLinux plus the additional ones my zfs configuration uses. Having some issues with the TFT display I am using though, working on that.
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