Hello from The Netherlands!

Martin Borghoff
Martin Borghoff New Member Posts: 2
Hi All,

installing/Configuring Linux (all Kind of platforms) is one of my day to day tasks.
Started with Linux in '96 building internet nodes with the slackware distro.

2017 -=> I Spotted the UP Board!

Amazing so much power Love the specs of the Up Board. just ordered one with the Case.

Can't wait to start building things. I hope the fan is not making to much noise as my Odroid XU4 does.
Any hints from the community about supported linux platforms ubilinux, ubuntu, Yocto-based?

for example

1. which distro is stable for mediacenter ubilinux?
2. building a LAMP server choose ubuntu?

Any links would be great!

Anyone already tried other distro's?

ArchLinux is also available anyone tried it already?

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