Network Shaman
Network Shaman New Member Posts: 1
Hello Community,

Anyone made PFSense work reliably on this?

Thank you,


I would like to thank Publicly Traded ASUS corporation for releasing this allegedly "Community" product though kickstarter. Closed source mega corp marketing totally got me. +1 Asus.


  • Ken
    Ken New Member Posts: 48
    I am sure you can probably get it to work, issue is you end up with a one legged router/firewall. I think the Up Squared will work well for this, with 2 GigEs and an mPCI to add a couple more. I suppose you could use it as a pfSense wireless access point gateway router, but personally I'm a believer that Access Points are access points. I segment across 8 NICs, well I guess 5 I really use in my pfSense firewall. pfSense works it's best magic when you can apply rules to defined groups, and segmenting across NICs is the best way to do that. Makes rules simple and throughput fast as the decisions it makes are easy.
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