EAPI driver and hardware support for Windows 10 for the UP board

Martin Mayr
Martin Mayr New Member Posts: 54

our first tests of the aaeonEAPI.dll show its functional under windows 10.


there is a speed problem with it :
When using the function EApiGPIOGetLevel(), the timing analyse shows, that the function uses between 30-53ms for each pin being read out. So in best case of 30ms x 28 usable pins to be polled I have > 800 ms of latency ... and sometimes even up to 1250ms with some of the pins needing more then 30ms ... average timing about 900 ms per 28 pins...
(Compared to reading out all GPIOs and write the Out IOs in a Raspberry board within less than 1ms - the ~900ms on the up board seems much to long here)

This is pretty slow and therefor unusable for most real world application using IO ... so when looking through the aaeonEAPI I searched a block-read function allowing to read up to 28 inputs in one single function - but I think this function is missing in the EAPI SDK ....

If we want to progress with this board, I think the best way would be to provide the SDK's sources so we can add this functionality quickly and I propose the open source world of this would allow all the UP community to progress faster with shared sources and I guess the world of software developpers in the forum would make the UP board advance much quicker and be a real alternative to other solution like the Raspberry ... ?

I don't want to be negative but these critics here are pronounced to make the board advance quicker ... and make it better usable for real world applications which want to use the GPIO and same situation also for I2C, SPI, CSI camera developpments, PWM and so on ....

Best regards

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