Custom Kernel build issues...

Ken New Member Posts: 48
I have downloaded the 4.4.35 UbiLinux kernel source and I'd like to start out by basically replicating the distribution kernel which the source tree does not seem to default to these options. Specifically I can't find where in config it needs to enable the hdmi-audio module, and several other modules are missing or need to be manually loaded after compiling a new kernel. I also notice many, many modules are compiled that really have no functional place in an Up Board, like Infiniband, PCI network cards, graphic cards, PCI RAID controllers, are these compiled into the stock UbiLinux kernel? All this makes for a really long compile. I am trying to get stmpe_ts to function for the 3.5" TFT HAT Touchscreen, and having issues with several modules, specifically, hdmi_audio, industrialio (fixed I think), ti_adc081c (also fixed I think), isofs (there but not autoloaded), fbtft, fbtft_device and fb_hx8357d (there but does not create /dev/fb1 on load now, using previously working configuration).


  • Ken
    Ken New Member Posts: 48
    BTW, the wiki page seems to elude to the Notro pages reference to ads7846-overlay.dts which I am sure might effect some TFTs but based on AdaFruit's DIY installation instructions, overlays may not actually be a requirement of, at least the 3.5" TFT panel which seems to use the stmpe_ts driver which *is* part of the UbiLinux (Debian Jessie) source tree and is not specific to Rasperian.