How can I maximize the usable memory?

Dieter ReuterDieter Reuter New Member Posts: 2
I'm using Ubuntu 16.04.1 Server on the 4GB UP board. I don't need any graphics at all, it's just a headless Linux server.

First I had only 3.27GByte usable memory, so I reduced the GPU memory in BIOS from 512MB down to 32MB. Now I do have 3.77Gbyte in total, which is quite better.

I'm wondering how I can change some settings to get more memory to use in Linux. The board has 4096MByte, therefore I'm missing around 200MB.

Any pointers or help is greatly appreciated.



  • Dan O'DonovanDan O'Donovan Emutex Posts: 227 mod
    Hi Dieter

    The output of 'dmesg' will list the memory regions that have been reserved by the BIOS.
    I'm guessing that it might be possible to reduce some of these by playing with BIOS settings to disable some devices. Risky though! :-)

    Best regards,
  • Dieter ReuterDieter Reuter New Member Posts: 2
    Hi Dan,
    thanks, I'll take a closer look with 'dmesg' but I guess most of these missing 200MB could be reserved for BIOS and other services. For me it was a great win to reduce the GPU memory which brought me almost 490MByte back!

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