Up-Board HAT Shield for GPIO or USB with 3G GSM GPRS Cellular on Windows

Meg Zamani
Meg Zamani New Member Posts: 4
Hey all,

I'm working on a project with the Up-Board running on Windows 10.

Now i'm trying to find a Up-Board HAT - with 3G GSM/GPRS module Shield so i can track the Up-Board unit out in the field and control it remotely.

or is it much more easy to just add a normal "USB GSM Modem stick" im my idea is Huawei E3372 USB Modem
All input are welcome, -

System: Windows 10
Board: Up-Board




  • Dan O'Donovan
    Dan O'Donovan Administrator, Moderator, Emutex Posts: 241 admin
    Hi Meg

    Considering that you're using Windows, I'm guessing that it would be easier to use something USB-based. I don't use Windows on the UP Board myself, but I don't think enabling the I/O features on the HAT connector (e.g. UART) is straightforward with Windows.

    That said, you may still find a modem in a Raspberry Pi HAT form-factor that connects to the USB port. I can't recommend any particular one because I don't know what Windows drivers exist for those.

    Best regards,