Board Crashed

Dear All,

I have just received UP board , I have installed Windows 10 64bit on it and just testing the board. I have turned on the Board and keep it running for about 2-3 hours then it results into Overheating and when we try to operate USB mouse or keyboard it dose not responding so we restart the board and afterwords there is no any display output on Monitor. Then I tried to power On and Off few times but there is no any success. Also tried by Removing RTC battery and after few minutes again plugged in and power on the board but still the problem is same.

How can I get the board working again?


UP-board: UP-CHT01-A10-0432 (4GBRAM 32GB eMMC)
Serial No: C17102800
DISPLAY: DELL S2240L (HDMI monitor)
I/O: USB Mouse & Keyboard
Power: 5V 3A SMPS

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