4pin ZIF cable is broken in 10" display

Jake Lee
Jake Lee New Member Posts: 1
Hi. I am Jake Lee from Korea.
I just got 10.1" touchscreen and assembled it. But 4 pin ZIF connector was broken for my mistake. Actually very hard to assemble for me :( See the picture.

My questions are
1. What's the role of that cable?
2. How can I fix it?

Thank you.


  • WereCatf
    WereCatf New Member Posts: 201
    Without knowing anything about the display other than what you mentioned here, I'd hazard a guess that the cable is for the touchscreen-portion of it. It's usually four pins. Can't say anything about repairing it, tho.
  • Aling
    Aling Guest Posts: 561 admin
    Is this FPC on the touch display side ? If so, the display is gone, no way to repair it. I am very sorry to hear it.
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