Pi-Face Relay Plus boards.

KenKen New Member Posts: 48
I am also looking for information if anyone has tried the Pi-Face Relay Plus hats which provide 4 (or 8 with add-on extra boards) relayed outputs -or- 4 relay and 4 motor control outputs and can be stacked up to 8 high to combine to 64 outputs. They also provide alternate terminal block connections for powering a Pi which I also don't know if it's possible to power an UP! Board through the GPIO header this way.


  • Dan O'DonovanDan O'Donovan Emutex Posts: 225 mod
    Hi Irwin

    The UP board can be powered through the 5V pins of the GPIO header.

    I haven't tried to use the PiFace Relay+ with the UP board myself. But I took a quick look through their Python scripts on github just now, and I can't see any obvious reason why it wouldn't work.

    You will probably need to make a small change here though to use "/dev/spidev2.0" (instead of "/dev/spidev0.0") on the UP board:

    Also, you'll need to be using one of the supported kernels for UP, either ubilinux or Ubuntu, available from the Downloads section: https://up-community.org/downloads
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