Is There a Tested OS List?

Ken New Member Posts: 48
Other than the "officially" supported OSes with working GPIO libraries and the lot, is there a list of other OSes that have been installed on the UP! Board?

Specifically I am wondering about Windows 8.1 as this board is pretty much design perfect for a Windows Media Center black box, a product that was dropped by Microsoft in Win10. As a WMC box there wouldn't be a huge requirement for the GPIO stuff, mostly it would just need to have functional USB2 and USB3, Ethernet, and HDMI with Audio. I know there is people running Kodi, however Kodi does not currently have any reliable means of viewing live DRM, cable card based, streams. WMC on 8.1 (...and 7 or 8) is still currently the only game in town, besides hacking the install onto 10 which runs a high risk of being wiped out by an update.

Also curious about whether anyone has tried FreeBSD or Solaris, I think I read somewhere on here that FreeBSD has been installed but with some installation intervention, and that OpenBSD has been installed straight out.


  • Aling
    Aling Guest Posts: 561 admin
    We should encourage everyone to share what they have tested, it would be a long list. :-)
    Officially Intel support Windows 8.1 on Cherry Trail. It should be fine.
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