Change UEFI logo

Is there some way to change the UEFI logo?

I could find some topics for that in google but it was for windows, couldn't find any solution for linux yet.

Any ideas?


  • Aling
    Aling Guest Posts: 561 admin
    Do you mean "UP " logo ?
    We are going to introduce a service in UP shop for company who want to replace the logo.
    Stay tuned.
  • Shreesh Manasvi
    Shreesh Manasvi New Member Posts: 5
    I tried to change the uefi logo in my lappy and did it successfully. It was having insideH2O bios. But for american trens(if i remember correctly is the bios used in up board) bios is something new for me to try. Will update if i get any success unless i brick it. I usually put a 8 colour bmp image of me smiling. JUST DID THAT FOR FUN. Lets see if i can do something on up board as well. Although i could not find anything or any tool in the download section to deal the same. i will coclude by saying no its not possible for now.
  • Marek Sliwa
    Marek Sliwa New Member Posts: 4
    Any way to do this currently? Ideally we could do this ourselves either by building custom firmware or from the UEFI Shell app. Or you could provide a firmware customization service that allows us to download a custom build off the website, this way the server is build on your servers.

    Is this open source firmware, what is it based on?
  • WereCatf
    WereCatf New Member Posts: 201
    The BIOS is AMIBIOS by American Megatrends Inc. and it's totally not open-source.
  • Shreesh Manasvi
    Shreesh Manasvi New Member Posts: 5
    i believe there is nothing for now as I have checked the community page for all types of downloads. You can upgrade bios but not change it or customize it. Also IT IS POSSIBLE because as @AlingWu from AAEON said this feature is available for company(commercial) usage. But for individual users I believe nothing available for now. @WereCatf is right the sourcecoe is not available as open source.