Chassis coupon code

KarlKarl New Member Posts: 5
As I couldn't find the thread I had created about this anymore, I'll describe my issue again.
I've bought an up board package with a chassis back in June and a coupon code was promised because the chassis couldn't be delivered at the time.
However, I've never received such a code and the last message I've sent through the shop wasn't answered after 1.5 months. I hope it can be sorted out.

My order reference is : GUKEGIFFJ


  • AlingAling Administrator, AAEON, UP reseller Posts: 524 admin
    Hi Lark, Thanks for providing your order number, it helps us to figure out how to contact you. Our staff will drop you an email shortly with coupon code.
  • KarlKarl New Member Posts: 5
    Thanks! I've now ordered the chassis with the coupon.
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