Touch no longer works on my 7"W FutureLabs display

Robert Alexander
Robert Alexander New Member Posts: 16
We have model: KIT-07X0ETTX30003U1 display kit (S/N: BDSAMA716100021) and the UP-CHT01-A12-0432 Up board. I was able to set it up with Windows 10 and test that it all functioned well. However after mounting in a case that same day the touch screen no longer works or gives any indication whatsoever.

In the process of creating a mounting for the display and board into an enclosure I've had to disconnect and reconnect the connectors between boards and display as well as the USB connectors. Could this have damaged the touchscreen of the display? What's the best way to test it? The drivers seem to be working, could there be some indication of failure in a system log somewhere?


  • Robert Alexander
    Robert Alexander New Member Posts: 16
    So it seems I may have found my answer. The spec's in the document DSAP-07X0ETTX30003U1 Rev0_2 20151216.pdf under mechanical characteristics list
    FPC Bending, specification: Bending 3 times
    FPC Plug in-out, specification: Plug in-out 5 times
    Since the setup instructions has you bend the FPC at least 2 times, it's not likely to survive ANY installation. The only way this display could possibly be of any use is if it came with a mounting that locked the controller board into place on the back of the display at the very first setup.
    Even then if it needs to function in an industrial environment where connections to the Up board change, lets say more than 3 times ever, you need to have a physical shield protecting anything from bumping into the FPC ribbon.
  • Aling
    Aling Guest Posts: 561 admin
    Thanks for your feedback. It is the limitation from FPC spec, however, we understand the inconvenience.
    We are going to bring this topic to our supplier and see if there is any solution to take.
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