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Power throughput


There was this large thread about what addons/changes people are looking for.

What I'm currently seeing is this:
[li]I have my UP attached to a 5V 10A industrial PSU.[/li]
[li]If I connect one SanDisk USB3.0 stick to one of the USB2.0 ports, I can reboot.[/li]
[li]If I connect two of them, it'll crash on reboot.[/li]

Port locations:
[ ethernet ] [ empty ] [ 16GB stick ]
[ ethernet ] [ 16GB stick ] [ empty ]

I had the same behaviour on my other board and basically what I needed to do is to unplug my usb stuff and connect it after boot.
At the moment I'm pretty certain it's a power issue since it won't happen if just one is connected.
I've even moved one of the sticks to the CN7 serial+usb, and TADA, the system reboots successfully.

If you look at the ascii diagram I made above: I would assume those 4 ports have at least two power inputs?
Do they?

Basically, I'd love the board to be able to pass through more power from the PSU.
At least 2 usb drives and one 1 usb disk would be helpful.


Even more than additional USB3.0 ports I'm after more *power* to ports.
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