Futurelabs 10' display with Power save issue in Win10

Vincent BloemenVincent Bloemen New Member Posts: 3
Is there a way to dim the backlight for the 10' FutureLabs screen and/or a way to put the screen off completely? (power saving)
In Windows i tried to set the power screen off option at 1 minute. But the screen only blanks and the backlight stays on?
When the screen is blank, the touch doesn't work anymore. The only way to awake the display is pressing the power button on the UP.

How can i fix this?


  • Riccardo ProserpioRiccardo Proserpio New Member Posts: 5
    Dear Vinzzb,

    thanks for the question.
    At initial stage the Up board only support Mipi interface.
    FutureLabs develop the Mipi to LVDS converter board to connect 7"W LVDS display to Up.
    Problem of Mipi interface doesn't have the Backlight control support, this is why with Mipi Converter you can't control the backlight of the LCD neither the brightness.
    Now Up also support eDP and we are developing the upgrade of the converter boar, this new version will support the backlight control.

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