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I am new to the Ubilinux. I have a Up with 2GB/32GB and with Ubilinux 3.0 installed. From time to time, I notice the screen goes blank for no reason. Sometimes screen comes back but sometimes I need to power cycle to get screen back. This especially true when I have Firefox opened. Has any one notice this? I appreciate if anyone can provide assistance on this.

My configuration is very simple; only USB keyboard/mouse, Ethernet and HDMI.



  • DCleri
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    Hi Fin,

    We cannot experience this issue with our systems.

    You can to try a different cable, the quality of the cable and connectors can make a difference.
    If you can check a different Monitor also it would be great.
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    Hi all,

    We also observe this here.
    We are using:
    - Lubuntu 16.04.2 LTS with latest 4.4.0-2-upboard kernel and all packages updated
    - Latest BIOS UPC1BM0X
    - UP-Board with 4GB of RAM

    We encounter this also almost exclusively when using browsers. It happens with Firefox and Chromium. Up to now, the blackouts were rather short and after a few seconds the screen came back. Today, the screen outage took several minutes. I cannot remember it happening without a browser, but am not 100% sure about this.

    Some googling suggests it might be a graphics driver / Xserver issue or a graphics acceleration issue. In my opinion it could be in conjunction with some thermal behaviour as the system is responsive to NumLock and CapsLock key presses while the screen is black. The UP-board cooler however does not feel very hot when the issue kicks in.

    Is there some documentation about what happens at high temps when the Intel DPTF comes into action? Does everything just run slower until temps are safe again? There are a lot of BIOS/CRB settings that are not documented at all and it is unclear whether they might have an effect on this or not.

    This is a very unpleasant surprise for us as we need stability in the platform. Would you like to have some logfiles after this happens? If so, which ones?

    Can we expect a more current upboard kernel that perhaps has backported some Intel graphics fixes from upstream?

    Best regards

    PS: This is not a cabling or monitor issue.

    PPS: I don't know if it's related: Today the board stalled while doing a long compile task. Please shed more light on what temperature settings are available in BIOS/CRB and how they affect the behaviour.

    PPPS: I now use the generic 4.8 kernel from the LTS hardware enablement stack of Ubuntu 16.04.2 and haven't had the problem ever since. This is possible, because I don't use the special hardware of the UP at the moment.
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