GPIO's sourced Interrupt.

Fernando New Member Posts: 22

I have been testing a SPI TFT display, as Up!'s main display. At this point, the touch screen stop working after some touches. I could track the problem until a GPIO line that the display sets to an active level, in order to let the system knows, there is an input in the touch panel. After watching what happens on other board (RPi) where the touch works well, in the interrupts file (/proc/interrupts) , the right behavior should be that the interrup counter for this pin should increase by 1 when the touch is presed or released. Something like:

Before press:
96: 145 0 1 0 GIC ads7846

After release:
96: 147 0 1 0 GIC ads7846

However, the file in Up! shows something like:

326: 0 0 0 0 up-gpio 17 ads7846

326: 1681 0 0 0 up-gpio 17 ads7846

In fact, if I let my finger pressed on the display surface, the counter increases by thousands, despite it should be 1 for the press event, plus 1 for the release event.

After describing my problem in the display's driver forums (notro's fbtft driver), I was told that this event generated after a GPIO change is not controlled by the touchscreen driver itself, but the (GPIO?) board drivers.

I hope if you could give me some advice on how could be solve this issue?.

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