Is anyone able to setup CentOS 7 x86_64 on Upboard 2GB RAM model

Is anyone able to setup CentOS 7 x86_64 on Upboard 2GB RAM model? I'm facing multiple issues:

1. I created UEFI bootable USB using Rufus and started with installation. eMMC storage was not getting detected as it was not showing up under "storage" while selecting disk for installation. So tried with external storage (using 28GB Sandisk USB storage), but even that installation got stuck at 53% . Tried again but it gets stuck. I'm using the default 64 bit UEFI that is pre-flashed in factory model of Upboard 2GB RAM model

2. Someone in the CentOS forums suggested to disable "Secure boot" in bios and then try installation. I dint find the exact setting as "Secure boot" but there was some thing similar (dont recall the exact name) which I disabled in bios, and it seems after that I'm not able to go beyond "American MegaTrends" screen, its just stuck there. Even my keyboard is not getting detected.

Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

I'm looking for a clean install of CentOS 7 (either 32 or 64 bit) on eMMC storage and afterwards I'll install other custom tools.


  • In case someone bumps into the 2nd issue of "boot stuck at BIOS American Megatrends screen": I'm able to reset the BIOS settings by unplugging the RTC cable (small white 2 pin cable) and putting it back after 3-4 minutes. Afterwards, I was able to proceed with Ubuntu 14.04 installation and its working properly.
    Regarding, CentOS 7 (or even with older CentOS 6.x) I'm yet to see any way to install the OS . Would appreciate if anyone could share his workarounds for installing the same. Thanks
  • DCleri
    DCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 1,213 admin
    The Kernel used by CentOS 7 is too old and it won't support properly the system (neither the eMMC).

    We had a similar issue with Debian initially (kernel 3.16) and to boot/install the system we had to create a derivative distribution, ubilinux, customizing installer, kernel, kernel modules, etc.

    At the moment there are no plans to officially support CentOS.
  • Nils
    Nils New Member Posts: 1
    I really would appreciate if Centos would be supported by the UP board!!
    At the moment the circumstance, that this OS is not supported, prevent me from buying one of these boards.
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