USB 3.0 Type A (female)

FrankieFrankie New Member Posts: 4
Dear all,
I need an USB 3.0 type A port. I bought the adapter shown in picture 1, but i think doesn't work: I found real-time issues in my application.

In the up-board online shop i found the adapter shown in picture 2. Is the same of mine or the usb type A port is mandatory for the alimentation?

Thanks a lot in advance.



  • AlingAling Administrator, AAEON, UP reseller Posts: 555 admin
    From your pictures, I believe your cable is the same type as UP shop has. In our own test, we also found the quality of USB3.0 cable makes different result. We will encourage you to buy the cables which is verified by the UP team already. In the coming days, you can buy USB3.0 adapter at UP SHOP. It may be easier for some uses case.
  • FrankieFrankie New Member Posts: 4
    Thanks a loto for your response!!
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