Is there a 32-bit ubuntu or debian version for the up board?

k h
k h New Member Posts: 1
I've updated the firmware to 09/10/2016 and switched to 32bit bios. Then I tried to install Debian_8.6.0_i386. The setup does not show the emmc as an installation target. Is there a 32-bit debian or ubuntu version for the up board?


  • Aling
    Aling Guest Posts: 561 admin
    At this moment we enabled 64 bit Debian-ublinux , for Ubutub, it is also 64 bit. The 32 bit BIOS is offered to people who want to give a try on Windows IoT Core, which we don't support it. :-)
  • I'm just getting started with Upboard and curios, is there any other 32 bit Linux OS we can install with 32 bit BIOS based Upboard?

    And, do we have to have 64 BIOS for 64bit OS and 32 bit BIOS for 32 bit OS only? Can't we install 32 bit OS on 64 bit BIOS?
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