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Audio : how


How is one supposed to get audio out with no Analog-out/in and assuming one's monitor has no speakers ?

The specs mention I2S , which wikipedia explains , but i hardly understand ( for now at least)

Thanks !


  • ilan ilan New Member Posts: 16
    edited December 2016
    I found out the Wiki , and YouTubers who adressed the issue.
    for now:
    HDMI splitter with Audio jack = only to VGA + Audio jack (so far)
    or external USB DAC i.e USB Audio solution . I have the Asus Xonar U3.

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  • RicktRickt New Member Posts: 1

    Am I to assume that all versions of the UPBoard do not have an analog audio output?
    Please confirm the only audio output is digital, and I2S is possible if the UPBoard is only digital audio output
    Are there any specifications for the I2S interface and a driver available ?

  • ccaldeccalde New Member Posts: 348 admin

    Hi all,

    I2S feature is not available yet. But Intel is working on that :)


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